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Friday, July 15, 2011

~♥ihave get back what ihave luss♥~

cerita saya :

i love you, you love me ~
i have get back what i have luss,
huhuu :))
happy sgt,
dea masih sygskan saye ag,
time kase yup, :))
saye sayangs awk juga sayangs,
no one and no body can disturb and broken our relationship right??
because, we are have loving together
one sould and one person,
saye sayangs awak sayangs saye kannn,
dont ever you will let i go, and dont ever iwill let u go!!
iloveyousomuch !!
mwaacchhhhIII !!!

*jiha, tengs sudda makeup blog saye, :))

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